Storing your OneNote notebooks in the Cloud, the easy way!

This morning I spent some time re-organising my OneNote notebooks, something I had not done with OneNote 2010 until now and also something that was desperately needed – the ability to publish straight out of the box into the cloud without requiring anything but a Live ID!

Having multiple computers one of the annoyances I had with 2007 was keeping my notebooks in sync.  Until now the best way was either a fileshare on a network drive, or storing the files within a SharePoint library.  Unfortunately one of those does not lend itself well to someone who rarely connects to a single network, and the other one can be cost prohibitive.  The result?  Multiple copies of the same files!

Before too long your one note folders start to look like this.

Today when I created a brand new notebook I noticed that there was a “Web” button now in OneNote 2010 and by clicking on this it is now staggeringly simple to have a notebook which is sync’d straight from your skydrive simply by entering your Live credentials!

This is probably the most exciting feature for me of all the additions in Office 2010, and it is going to make my life a breeze.  Nice work to the Office Team!


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