A new home for my blog!

After spending the last couple of years working on a Community Server blog, I decided the best thing to do moving forward was to find a new home for my blog.

Unfortunately the version of Community Server I was using was old and fairly unusable for anything but the most basic functions.  After much deliberating I decided to move to a hosted WordPress blog, and wow I really do not regret my decision for an instant!

The most difficult part of the move was the migration of all the posts and images, this being due to the lack of functionality on Community Server.  I had to do the following to migrate :

  1. Extract all the posts from the Community Server database.
  2. Format extracted posts nicely into a CSV file
  3. Run up a Virtual Machine
  4. Install WordPress (Self-Hosted) version onto it – Use the Web PlatForm Installer for this
  5. Install the CSV Importer plug-in to wordpress
  6. Import the CSV
  7. Export a WordPress Format
  8. Tidy up any links etc, remove capitalization, remove any HTML characters
  9. Import to Hosted WordPress
  10. Upload all images
  11. One by One fix image links

This process took me a few nights to do, but was well worth it.

It only took me 3 or 4 minutes to register a domain through them as well!  And only at a cost of $5, which is amazing, I was absolutely blown away by just how simple and easy the entire process was.   It is the perfect model of how Hosted applications should work!

Anyhow, here it is at its new home – http://www.mrhodes.net.


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