Australian SharePoint Conference Wrap Up

The Australian SharePoint Conference finished up yesterday evening. It was a fantastic couple of days immersed in all things SharePoint as well as getting a chance to hang out again with a bunch of the Australian SharePoint community members, and of course share a few drinks with them 🙂

I was able to present my session on one of everybody’s favourite topics – Content Deployment!

Content Deployment Bootcamp
Content Deployment is one of the final frontiers where SharePoint administrators fear to tread. Mark will explore Content Deployment from its origins to what to expect with SharePoint 2010 and covers his experiences when using content deployment in production environments, including tips and tricks to get your content deployment running smoothly, and how to keep it that way!

The session went quite well and I had a great amount of participation from the Audience, including giving away four hand made pens that I made myself, these seemed to be fairly well received and I like to think they were a unique touch.

Slides from my session are available here :

I was also really fortunate to participate in the “Ask the Experts” session with Elaine Van Bergen, Todd Bleeker, Arpan Shah and Paul Swider.  This was a great way to finish off the conference as we were able to have a good time answering questions as well as giving a few laughs to the audience.

I was also able to participate in an excellent podcast by Jeremy Thake which will be available fairly soon on The podcast was on the topic of “Sandbox Solutions” and was moderated by Jeremy and included myself, Arpan Shah, Todd Bleeker and Paul Swider.  I will post the link as soon as it is published.

**Update** – Podcast available at,+Todd+Bleeker,+Paul+Swider+and+Mark+Rhodes

The conference itself was incredibly well organized and I think has set the bar in what to expect from these events within Australia.  Huge thanks to Debbie Ireland, Mark Orange, James Milne, Kathy Hughes and Brendan Law, as well as the crew at for such a great time.

I also promised to provide the links for my resources for my session, so here they are :

Stefan Gossner :

Spencer Harbar :

Maxime Bombardier :

Content Deployment Wizard :

Microsoft Content Deployment Poster :


2 Responses to Australian SharePoint Conference Wrap Up

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  2. John Broomfield says:

    Hey Mark,

    I was at your session on SharePoint 2010 Performance and Health Monitoring in Sydney last week. I was wondering if you could share the SQL you mentioned for 20 queries to run against you logs.

    Cheers – John

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