Project Server 2007, Analysis Services 2008 and Building a Cube

A long while ago I put together an article after having a hell of a time getting Project 2007 and SQL Analysis Services 2005 to play nicely together to build a cube, My original post can be found here . The original article got quite a few hits, so I assume that it is something that many people have looked for assistance with.

Now there looks to be an easier way, I am very happy to report that with SQL Server 2008 the process has become amazingly easier, although still a relatively lengthy process. The following Technet article let me get this working in under 30 minutes : . I recommend following this article to the letter, and then trying to build a cube. It worked for me after my own process from my original article did not. 🙂

I cannot recommend enough if you are thinking about going down the road of Project Server 2007 to use SQL Server 2008 rather than SQL Server 2005.


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