Presenting at TechEd Australia and TechEd New Zealand for 2013

It has been a long time between updates as things have been staggeringly busy, however I had to share my sessions for the upcoming TechEd Australia and New Zealand.   I’ve been attending TechEd events since 2006 and speaking at them since 2009, and these events are responsible for some of my fondest memories at conferences.  If you have an opportunity to attend a TechEd event and you haven’t before, then you really need to go!

I can’t wait for either of these events, and I really hope to see you there.   Of course the best part of these events aren’t the sessions, they are the incredible people that you meet.  If you see me wandering around the events, please grab me and say “Hi” or even better suggest that we go grab a beer or coffee and talk technology, I will never say no… unless I’m on my way to present a session 🙂

TechEd Australia

There is an great speaker line up for Australia in the Office 365 and SharePoint track, and if you are a disciple of these areas I’d highly recommend grabbing yourself a TechEd Ticket before they sell out.  The speakers in this track include Ben Walters, Ben Fletcher, Elaine Van Bergen, Brian Farnhill, Yoni Kirsh, Shyam Narayan, Al Speirs and more.

I’ll be lucky enough to team up with a few of these folks to deliver the following sessions :

Configuring and Collaborating with the new Office Web Apps for SharePoint 2013

While SharePoint 2013 will allow your users to collaborate, what about your users on mobile devices, tablets or other situations where they do not have access to a full office client? Office Web Apps 2013 fills that niche and add functionality that will enhance the SharePoint 2013 experience for your users, but this leaves another component to understand, design, implement and maintain.

Join Mark Rhodes, Senior Consultant at OBS and SharePoint Server MVP as he demonstrates all the improvements and changes made to Office Web Apps 2013. Mark will show key differences to previous versions, explain the design considerations and show you how to install, configure and maintain your new Office Web Apps farm for your SharePoint 2013 environment.

Note: This session is also very relevant to Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013 environments.

Microsoft Office 365 Deployment with Ben Walters, Yoni Kirsh and Jeff Medford

Come learn the best way to get Office 365 deployed. This session details the new Office 365 deployment process that enables you to quickly begin piloting Office 365 and move this pilot into production with the right set of features to meet deployment requirements. The session reviews the approach and outcomes of the deployment process and dives deep into the tools and actions used to simplify the Office 365 deployment

Using Windows PowerShell Magic to Manage Office 365 with Ben Fletcher

A great way to manage Microsoft Office 365 is through the Office 365 Admin Center. However, when you need to do a lot of configuration, managing Office 365 through PowerShell can boost productivity. In this session we explore PowerShell for Office 365 and have some PowerShell fun!

TechEd New Zealand

The speaker line up for New Zealand is just phenomenal, and I can’t wait to watch a few sessions.  There will be presentations from Wictor Wilen, Neil Hodkinson, Wayne Ewington, Debbie Ireland and more.  These are some of the finest minds in the SharePoint community,  believe me that everyone out there has something to learn from these guys!

I’ll be delivering the following sessions at this event, and I can’t wait.  Its not a very well kept secret that New Zealand is my favorite audience, you guys get so enthusiastic about your tech!

Configuring your SharePoint 2013 Farm for Apps

SharePoint 2013 introduced the App Model to SharePoint, allowing for potentially quicker and easier development of Apps, however the developers do not get all the fun. SharePoint Administrators still need to configure their farm for Apps which is not as easy as just deploying a Service Application. Join Mark Rhodes, Senior Consultant at OBS and SharePoint Server MVP, as he explains the requirements for hosting Apps on your SharePoint 2013 farm and how you can install and configure your farm to protect your users and your environment. This session will demonstrate how to configure your SharePoint 2013 farm to host Apps from end to end.

SharePoint Forensic Deep Dive

If something were to go wrong with your SharePoint environment tomorrow would you know? Relying on end users to alert administrators of a problem is not the best way to monitor your environment, but fortunately your SharePoint farm has a few tricks up its sleeve. Join Mark Rhodes, Senior Consultant at OBS and SharePoint Server MVP as he introduces you to the diagnostic and monitoring features of SharePoint. Learn about the Health Analyzer, Logging Database and Developer Dashboard and how you can utilise these features to quickly and easily troubleshoot problems, or even detect them before they become an issue. If you have a production SharePoint farm then this is a session not to miss, unless your uptime is not a concern of course.


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