Anonymous Form Submission with SharePoint 2010

I had a colleague ask me for help regarding anonymous form submission to a SharePoint 2010 list.  At first this had me scratching my head, all the permissions were set correctly, however after sleeping on the problem I realised I had seen exactly this before, and if I’d seen it before maybe I had blogged about it?

Well it turns out I had, however it had not come across from the migration from the old blogging platform I had previously used to WordPress when I came over here about 18 months ago.  A quick republish and was online.

Fortunately the bulk of this article is still valid, however as it is SharePoint 2010 it makes more sense to do this operation in PowerShell :

In case the text isn’t clear :

Get-SPFeature -Site | ?{$_.DisplayName -like “*lock*”}
Disable-SPFeature -id <<Insert ID from Previous Command>> -Url

The only “Gotcha” with this is that much like in MOSS 2007 you must toggle your Anonymous access settings before this will take effect.  To do this, I quickly set the anonymous access on the site collection to “Nothing” then immediately set it to “Entire Web Site”


One Response to Anonymous Form Submission with SharePoint 2010

  1. Alex says:

    Can waste a lot of time with this particular SharePoint “gotcha”. The net is somewhat clueless about this. Nice post – thanks Mark!

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