Presenting at Tech Ed Australia 2010

I’ve had some very good fortune this year and will be presenting two sessions this year at Tech Ed Australia 2010.

My two sessions are :

1.  ARC203 – Cloud Secret Sauce and what you can cook with it.

Thursday 9:45 AM – Meeting Room 5

Hosting services poses unique challenges, and for good reason – exposing services to 6 billion people has to be secure, but also has to be efficient to be commercially viable. Enteprises can learn how to improve security, efficiencies and services by utilising the methods and principles applied in hosting cloud services in their own infrastructure. This session will talk about the challenges of hosting, what tools and principles used in hosted and cloud services can be used to provide services in the enterprise such as user and department self management, control panels, identity management and automation. It will highlight the challenges and limitations of hosting cloud services from an enterprise point of view, with a focus on AD, Exchange, SharePoint, OCS, and IIS. It will also talk about Microsoft’s Dynamic Datacenter and how you can create your own private cloud.

This session is being presented with an old friend of mine Ben Fletcher, and should be an entertaining and informative look at the advantages, disadvantages and difficulties that can come with having your own private cloud.

2.  THR007 – SharePoint 2010 Server Health Monitoring

Thursday 1:15 PM – AvePoint Interactive Theater

SharePoint 2010 adds an amazing amount of new and exciting changes for IT professionals and one of those changes is the dramatic improvement to the health monitoring within SharePoint.  Join Mark as he introduces these new features, demonstrates how they work and shows you how to keep your farm healthy!

A huge thanks must go to AvePoint for this, as a major sponsor they are putting on an Interactive Theater and have asked a slew of community experts to present on a variety of interesting SharePoint 2010 topics.  I think that this theater is going to be at capacity the entire event!

I am also looking forward to Wednesday night SharePint which promises to be a lot of fun, come along to meet with Australia’s SharePoint community, have a few laughs and beers!

Looking forward to it already, if you haven’t already bought a ticket to Tech Ed, better jump on it quick as they are selling out fast!


2 Responses to Presenting at Tech Ed Australia 2010

  1. GeoffB says:

    I attended your presentation on SharePoint Helath monitoring (THR007) at Tech-ED. Is it possible to get hold of the slide deck? I am writing up my notes and there are some holes I’d like to fill.
    PS: All the SharePoint sessions i attended were excellent.


    • Mark Rhodes says:

      Hi Geoff,

      I’m putting together a new and improved version that has more detailed content, as well as a section on server farm architecture. This should be available for download mid october.


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