Presenting this month at two user groups.

Just a quick update as I will be presenting this month at two usergroups.

On Tuesday 10th March I will be presenting on System Center virtual Machine Manager 2008 at Brisbane Infrastructure Group

Session #2, Hosting and Self Provision of Virtual Machines with SCVMM w/ Mark Rhodes

Hosting virtualized servers is easy, especially with tools like SCVMM 2008, but giving tools to clients to manage those servers is more difficult.  Mark will demonstrate what his production SCVMM 2008 self-service portal and what you can do with it.  In addition to this he will also about some of the functions he has used since implementing SCVMM 2008 (i.e. P2V, V2V, Archiving of old servers, Managing Checkpoints)

 Mark will also share some of those ?notes from the field? he encountered that may not be immediately obvious during his deployment.

This one is on at 5:30pm at Microsoft's Brisbane office.I will also be presenting at the Brisbane Sharepoint Users Group on the 18th.  I will be talking about hosting, as yet I do not have an abstract on this, but most likely I will cover the benefits of hosting, basic hosting technology and the future of hosted services.This one is at 12:30 at Microsoft's Brisbane Office.


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