What lengths will I go to for a free t-shirt?

A friend of mine just sent me this :

Do you have a blog? Well the blog about your favourite Windows 7 Feature including a Screenshot and a photo of your PC running Windows 7 to be in the running for a T-shirt. Email your blog post to itproanz@microsoft.com. The 20 most creative blog posts will get the Shirts.

Terms and Conditions are here.

I happened to mention this to my good friend Batman (Sorry, I can't give out his identity, not even for a free t-shirt.) who has been using Windows 7 since the release of the beta.  Here is a photo of Batman's desktop, natually we had to move the computer out of the bat cave for security reasons.


Batman's Desktop


Batman suggested his favourite feature to me, which was the ability to flip the orientation of your display.  Wow, thats pretty cool for an out of the box feature Batman, nice find, but what possible use could that be?


Batman responded that as he likes to hang upside down when using his computer that a display in the normal orientation was difficult to use and the last thing a crime fighter needs is a headache when fighting crime.  The settings to flip your display can be found in the Screen Resolution section of the display control panel.


Batman's Settings


Of course having the screen flipped presents a problem for anyone else using Batman's computer, lets not forget Alfred who also might use the computer from time to time.  Never fear, because you can isolate the flipping of your screen to one specific monitor, meaning that if Batman drags a window over to the laptop screen on the right, it will appear in the normal orientation.


Batman reading the news.

Finally an operating system that caters to super heroes who hang upside down while browsing the net.  Batman reckons he can't wait until the full release of Windows 7 and is really hanging out for it, bad pun intended.


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