December Cumulative Updates for SharePoint re-released.

If you have tried to install the recently released December Cumulative Update for SharePoint you may have noticed that the original release actually fails during the post-installation configuration.  Jeremy Thake came across the same issue at and has more detail on it here . I had difficulty installing this myself, but was able to get around the errors that occur by taking similar steps to Jeremy.  

 Fortunately the SharePoint Team noticed this fairly quickly and have released an updated version of December Cumulative Updates that no longer causes this issue.The revised version can be downloaded from the updated links on the original SharePoint team blog post :, and now there is a small comment on the page reflecting the investigation and update to the installer. 

A comment from myself on this particular update, finally it is actually cumulative!  This update can be applied from SharePoint SP1 upwards, however, as always, just because hotfixes are released does not mean they need to be installed!  Gauge the need to install them carefully against the problems they resolve.  For most installations SP1 + Infrastructure Updates will be more than sufficient, with the exception of any security updates that have or may be released in the future, i.e.  MS08-077.


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